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The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 18: Mapping It Out

"From there to here and here to there, Comfy Cups are everywhere!"

-an adaptation of an awesome quote by Dr. Seuss

Kyler’s grandma and grandpa, Bebe and Bumpy (as the kids call them), printed out a huge map of the United States and hung it on the wall in our office. Bebe and Bumpy helped the kids track all the cities where a Comfy Cup was purchased by placing a pin on the map. They used blue and green pins to correlate with the blue and green Comfy Cups™. This routine was super fun and turned out to be a great geography lesson for everyone. We stopped placing pins in the map after we placed a pin in each of the 50-states (our neighboring state, Nebraska, was last to the party, but we are glad they finally showed up). We were keeping busy filling up to 20 orders each day. We thought 20 orders a day was a lot. Little did we know it would jump to 50 in just a few short months!

#amazon #Amazonseller #thecomfycup #thecomfycupchronicles #geography #DrSeuss #learningopportunity

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